HIGHSIDER PL Control Box for Run & Turn Signals

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HIGHSIDER CONTROL- BOX CB2, for turn signal/ position light switching, suitable for 2in1 turn signals or mirrors combined with turn signal and position light such as the HIGHSIDER STEALTH-X4, reverse polarity protected, pair.

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The Highsider PL Control Box CB2 with reverse polarity protection, can be inserted between the 2 in 1 turn signals / indicator and now provides the optical highlight during the flashing process. This is because the position light now switches off when the indicator is switched on and only switches on again when the flashing process has finished. This means that both the position light and the indicator are used independently of each other. 

Diameter: .43″ (11 mm)  Length: .68″ (17.5 mm)

IN (from main wiring harness)
Yellow = flasher (+)
White = position light (+)
Black = mass (-)

OUT (to flasher/PL)
Yellow = flasher (+)
White = position light (+)
Black = mass (-)

Scope of supply:
1 pair
Internal mounting instructions

Not suitable for headlights with position light.

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